Critical Reviews

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"Robin Baratz showed an oil entitled ‘Moore Street Market II,’ which captured a lively street scene with snapshot immediacy, yet its casual realism was buttressed by abstract compositional virtues."

Jeannie McCormack
Gallery & Studio, June/July/August 2003

"Highlights of this year’s Newton Open Studios include . . . Robin Baratz’s pungent, detailed landscapes."

Katie Kresser
Boston Weekly Dig, 5/14 – 5/21/03

"’Isle of Skye’ . . . limned luminously in oils by Robin Baratz."

J. Sanders Eaton
Gallery & Studio, May/June/July, 2001

"Baratz presents the viewer with a harmonious balance of the material and spiritual worlds . . . In her work, light, time, and space depict both a memory of the past and a living present."

Rosemary Noon, Director
Fine Arts Center, Regis College, Weston, MA
“Both Sides of the Irish Sea,” Paintings by Robin Baratz, 1995

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